martes, 25 de enero de 2011

 Estela Grau 2º Eso L

Title:British myths and legends

author:Julie Hart

publisher:Burlington books

level:2º E.S.O.

The pot of gold: is a myth: the leprechaun and the boy. The boy has long blond hair, the leprechaun cuts the hair of the boy. In the hand of the leprechaun the hair of the boy becomes gold. The leprechaun hides the gold in a bush and the boy needs a shovel .The boy leaves a mark in the bush, a yellow scarf. When he comes back all bushes have the same mark.

The two boxes: Mrs Spring has two daughters Bella and Megan. Bella is a good, kind girl and Megan is a very spoiled one. The family needs money and Bella leaves for one year to work. She does a good job and she gets paid with a box full of diamonds. Megan tries to do the same but she is lazy. The diamonds that Bella earns are used to buy a farm and invite her mother and sister.

George and the dragon: George arrives at a lake. All around there wasn't any vegetation. He goes to the town and one man tells him the story of the dragon that exhales poison and eats animals and persons. Tomorrow the dragon will eat the princess but George goes to the castle
and talks with the king. He fights with the dragon and kills it. George saves the princess and all people of the town.

My preferred character: is Bella
By Ada Casasús Beltrán 2·L

TITLE: The Abandoned House

AUTHOR: Ken Harris

PUBLISHER: Burlington Books

LEVEL: 2n is about a group of teenagers (Amy, Diane, Linda)
PLOT: The storyESO
Jason, Dave and Ethan) who want to solve a mystery about an abandoned house. But before going there, the protagonist (Amy) is kidnapped, and his friends try to rescue her. Finally, they rescue the girl, and find out the secret of the paintings of their high school.

THE CHARACTER I LIKE MOST: My favourite character is Jason, because he is the most courageous and rescues Amy. I think he's trying to save the group, he has more ideas, and he’s the group leader.

OPINION: I enjoyed this book because I think it is fantastic for people who still do not have much level of English because it is easy to read. I recommend it for people to have a great time!

TITLE: The Evil Painting.

AUTHOR: Julie Hart.

PUBLISHER: Burlington Books.


PLOT: One day, Claire and Philip’s mother buys a painting. But nobody likes it except the mother. It turns her bad. She’s obsessed by the painting. Claire and Philip realize the painting is evil. Finally they destroy it and the mother become who she was before.
THE CHARACTER I LIKED MOST IS CLAIR because she realizes the painting has an evil influence on the mother. And she destroys the painting.

PERSONAL OPINION: The story is very interesting and original. The only thing I don’t like is the illustrations.

martes, 18 de enero de 2011

                    By Manuel Collado 2EL

Title: Footsteps

Author: Simon Betterton

Publisher: Burlington Books

Level: Second of E.S.O

Plot: the book treats of a security guard of a big school that he is called John, they dismiss him and a
teacher disappears and John starts looking for her and follows many tracks, until ultimately he finds her.
The director of the college had kidnapped her where it was working before. Ultimately it returns to be
employed at the school and extract a book on what it happened

Personal opinion: I liked the book very much, because I like the mystery books. I recommend it

By Marc Alapont 2 ESO L

TITLE: The Prince and the Pauper

AUTHOR: Mark Twain

PUBLISHER: Burlington Book


PLOT: Two families have a baby on the same day. One family is poor and the other family is rich. The poor family lives in a pudding lane and the rich family lives in a palace. They exchange families.
Title: The Roman Coins

Author: Caroline Stevens

Publisher: Burlington Books

Level: 2º ESO

Plot: the book is about a boy looking for things in the attic of his grandparents. He found a treasure map and some ancient Roman coins. They will come very well to their grandparents because they had no money to fix their house. He and his best friend go to get the Roman coins, and the owner of the museum listens to what they said. When they were digging the owner of the museum
arrived and locked the boys in the house of the dog. But the boys left a hole in the ground and asked old Mrs. who tells them where the coins are and they go to catch the coins and arrest the owner of the museum.
The character I liked most: it is the best friend of the protagonist, because he helps the protagonist in everything.

Personal opinion: it is a good book and interesting, a bit short and easy to read, I recommend it to people who like the books of mystery.
                     By Irene Sampietro 2EL
TITLE: The Abandoned House
AUTHOR: Ken Harris

PUBLISHER: Burlington Books


PLOT: This is a story about six friends in the High School. One day Amy (the protagonist) is staying in detention. After the punishment she sees many painters carrying many computers, but they're here to paint the gym not the computer room. Amy disappears. Her friends find the painters are her kidnappers and she is in the abandoned house. Amy's friends trap the painters and rescue her.
By Daniel Castellano 2EL





PLOT : Clive, Mary and Brian, their son, are a family who lived in London. One day, Mary
received a letter from her Aunt Sarah’s housekeeper. The letter said that their Aunt Sarah had had an accident with a candle and her house burned.
Because of this the family decided to go to see their Aunt Sarah. She had no money to pay the reforms then the family decided to sell the house.
But one day Clive’s phone disappeared. Brian had gone to check something on the beach, then fell into a hole and saw his father’s phone. Suddenly an elf appeared out of nowhere and told him not to sell the house because his Aunt Sarah did not want. Then he went to a tavern, but the atmosphere was hostile and no one spoke, then one of them said they did not want tourists and they did not want to sell the house. He ran to Brian’s room, opened a secret door and got inside but he dropped a torch and began to smoke. Brian sniffed and quickly went upstairs where he found the secret door and helped his Aunt Sarah. In the hallway there was another door, he opened it and saw many pictures. Clive and Mary quickly smelled smoke and went up, saw the pictures and Clive proposed to sell these pictures and Sarah accepted. They went to see a seller and he paid 30.000 Euro.

Thanks to that Aunt Sarah could pay reforms and remain to live in Kilmarny, as the family was so pleased they decided to stay there to live.

PERSONAL OPINION: I don’t like this book because it’s so boring. The book gives very
importance to the goats and I don’t like this. And always I don’t like the argument of this book because it is absurd.

The character I like most is Brian because he is very adventurous, humble and sensible.

martes, 11 de enero de 2011

By Claudio Fernández, 2 ESO L


* AUTHOR: Julie Hart.


* LEVEL: 2.
* PLOT: The book is about a boy, David Barnes, who finds a pen in an old desk, but it isn't an ordinary pen, it is a magic pen! The pen can write by its own, without any help. In class, David uses the pen, but the pen writes a story, which is about a boy, Jimmy Reed, whose family is very poor; his dad is a miner but now he is very ill. Today is Jimmy’s birthday, his family gives him a paintbrush and a box of paints but his mother had to sale her bracelet to give him the present...
As Jimmy's family is so poor, his dad and his brother Allan had to work as miners, but it is very hard.
In the mine there was an accident with Jimmy's brother and father in; but they are OK. One day, in David's high school Jimmy Reed's grandson appeared and he told to David that the story was true.

* MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER IS Jimmy Reed, BECAUSE he must have suffered because of his family poverty and he was so courageous.

* PERSONAL OPINION: I think that this book is very interesting, because there are two different stories, and Jimmy's story is very sad, but very pretty. But I think the level of the book is low compared with my English level.