miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010


Title: Gladiator
Author: Dewey Gram
Publisher: Pearson Education Limited
Stage/Level: 4 Intermediate

Characters: Maximus and Commodus
Setting: Ancient Rome
Time: 180 A.D

The most important action: For the betrayal of Emperor Commodus kills family of Maximus. Maximus goes from the Roman army general, a prisoner, then slaves, and finally a gladiator.

You have to earn the respect of people in the arena of the Colosseum, fighting to stay alive to fulfil his revenge.
The End: Finally struggle against the Emperor Commodus, kills the emperor, and minutes later, Maximus dies and is reunited with his family

Personal opinion: This book is very well told and the movie is very good.

Salvador Pla, 4 ESO

The mummy returns

Title- The mummy returns

Title: The Mummy Returns

Author: John Whitman

Publisher: Penguin Readers

Level: 2

Characters: Rick O'Connell , Evelyn O'Connell and her son Alex

Setting: In Egypt

Time: In the ancient Egypt

Plot: Rick O'Connell and his wife Evelyn live happily in his London home with his son, ten years after the adventures in Egypt and their struggle against the Mummy. But peace has come to an end because the fearsome Mummy is again alive on the land called by reincarnation. Together again, their plans to conquer the world pass by reviving the Scorpion, a brutal, legendary warrior who sold his soul to the god Anubis, in order to defeat him and take command of his monstrous army. Again, Rick and his friends must try to save humanity.

End: Rick O'Connell's son Alex saves the humanity

Personal opinion: The movie is much better, if you see the movie, it is easier to read the book.

Jonathan Fuentes, 4 ESO
Title: The MUMMY Returns

Title: The MUMMY Returns

Author : John Whitman

Publisher: Penguin Readers

Reading level : 2 Elementary (600) words / American English

Characters: Rick O'Conell, Evelyn O'Connell and his son Alex

Setting: In the ancient Egypt

Time: Ancient Egypt

Plot: The book is about a story that happened many years ago in ancient Egypt, the Scorpion King led a large army, but when he sold his soul to Anubis, the Scorpion King was erased from history and it is unclear whether it existed or it was a myth. Rick and Evelyn O'Connell are still discovering new artifacts with his son Alex, who is 8 years old. They discover the bracelet of Anubis. But the high priest rose with the intention to control the Scorpion King's army through the bracelet of Anubis.

The best of the book: The final fight (pages 32-37)

The end: They manage to save humanity.

Personal opinion: The book is pretty good, but seeing the movie, I prefer the movie best. Also, the vocabulary used in the book is very well chosen and it is easy to read.

Roberto Sena, 4 ESO

Love Story

TITLE: Love Story

AUTHOR: Erich Segal

PUBLISHER: Oxford University Press

CHARACTERS: Oliver and Jenny

SETTING: Harvard University



PLOT: Oliver Barrett meets Jenny Cavilleri. They fall in love, and they get married and make a home together. They work hard, enjoy life, they make plans for the future. Then they learn that they won't have much time left.
PERSONAL OPINION: I have liked it very much, the story is very nice. I would advise the people to read this book. With this story you will cry and you will spend a good moment.

Andrea Fernández, 4 ESO

The mummy

Title: The Mummy

Title: The Mummy

Author: David Levithan

Publisher: Penguin readers

Level: 2

Characters: Imhotep, O’Conell, Evelyn, Jonathan, Beni, Anck-su-namun.

Setting: In Thebes, Egypt.

Time: 1290, before Christ.

The most important action: “Hello,” said Evelyn. Burns turned around and she screamed. Burns had no eyes. He fell on the ground. Evelyn turned away, but she came face-to-face with Imhotep, Imhotep with Burns’s blue eyes.

The End: Evelyn put her arms around O’Conell and they kissed. Maybe this wasn’t the end. Maybe it was the beginning.

Personal Opinion: It is an entertaining book. Although the reading in general is complicated, I have liked this book because it speaks of an interesting subject. I recommend the students to read this book.

Kevin Alapont, 4 ESO