martes, 21 de diciembre de 2010

by Paula García

Title: The Secret Garden

Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett

Publisher: Burlington Books

Level: 2 ESO

Plot: The book tells a story about a ten-year-old girl called Mary Lennox, she lives in India with her
parents, and she is a very spoiled girl. She has no friends, because she is not at school, she has a tutor.
One day Mary got up from the bed and Ayah was not in her room, then she went to the garden to play and
saw his mother talking to a British businessman. Then she entered the kitchen because she was hungry
and saw the servants crying. The cook told Mary that Ayah was very ill yesterday and died a few minutes
ago. Mary was told that her parents had died. Then she had to go to London to live in her uncle's house,
she was reluctant, but he had no choice. When she got there she found her uncle's room. The servant took
her to the house and told her that the house was about 600 years old or so ... and had a huge garden. The
next day, she got up and saw a girl called Martha, who was in her room. Mary went to the garden and saw
a gardener, Ben.

Mary discovers that through a door there is a really big garden. The next day out into the garden there is a
very handsome boy, he asks her if she is called Mary, and she says yes, and asks him who he is, he says
he is Martha's brother Dickon (his servant). Mary tells him if he can help her open the door, they enter the
garden, and there is a pitirrojo walking across the grass and they find a key. Mary and Dickon came at last
to the super yard, Mary notices that this garden is very dead and from then on she and Dickon go every
morning to fix the garden and it is very beautiful and alive.
The next day Mary decided to explore the house of his uncle, she found a room where she could not go,
but she went anyway. In that room there was a boy with long brown hair, he was invalid and could not
walk. He was the son of his uncle, his cousin, called Colin, The next day Mr Craven, who is Mary's uncle
tells he is going to Europe a few days, and Dickon tells her to go to visit the animals with Colin because
he loves animals. The next day Mary and Dickon walked around the garden and Colin said that was
where his mother died. Dickon and Mary had helped Colin to be put on feet and walk, Colin got it. After
a while Mr Craven had come from Europe and saw his son walking perfectly. Then he embraced him and
congratulated him. Dickon and Mary at the end fell in love with each other. And so ends this story.

The character I like most: My favourite character is Dickon is a big person!

Opinion: This book it's very interesting, because it has mystery, romanticism, this book it's funny!

By Paula García 2 ESO L

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