martes, 18 de enero de 2011

Title: The Roman Coins

Author: Caroline Stevens

Publisher: Burlington Books

Level: 2º ESO

Plot: the book is about a boy looking for things in the attic of his grandparents. He found a treasure map and some ancient Roman coins. They will come very well to their grandparents because they had no money to fix their house. He and his best friend go to get the Roman coins, and the owner of the museum listens to what they said. When they were digging the owner of the museum
arrived and locked the boys in the house of the dog. But the boys left a hole in the ground and asked old Mrs. who tells them where the coins are and they go to catch the coins and arrest the owner of the museum.
The character I liked most: it is the best friend of the protagonist, because he helps the protagonist in everything.

Personal opinion: it is a good book and interesting, a bit short and easy to read, I recommend it to people who like the books of mystery.

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