martes, 25 de enero de 2011

 Estela Grau 2º Eso L

Title:British myths and legends

author:Julie Hart

publisher:Burlington books

level:2º E.S.O.

The pot of gold: is a myth: the leprechaun and the boy. The boy has long blond hair, the leprechaun cuts the hair of the boy. In the hand of the leprechaun the hair of the boy becomes gold. The leprechaun hides the gold in a bush and the boy needs a shovel .The boy leaves a mark in the bush, a yellow scarf. When he comes back all bushes have the same mark.

The two boxes: Mrs Spring has two daughters Bella and Megan. Bella is a good, kind girl and Megan is a very spoiled one. The family needs money and Bella leaves for one year to work. She does a good job and she gets paid with a box full of diamonds. Megan tries to do the same but she is lazy. The diamonds that Bella earns are used to buy a farm and invite her mother and sister.

George and the dragon: George arrives at a lake. All around there wasn't any vegetation. He goes to the town and one man tells him the story of the dragon that exhales poison and eats animals and persons. Tomorrow the dragon will eat the princess but George goes to the castle
and talks with the king. He fights with the dragon and kills it. George saves the princess and all people of the town.

My preferred character: is Bella

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