martes, 21 de diciembre de 2010

By Arturo Gutierrez 2EL

TITLE: A Secret Fear.

AUTHOR: Celia Starr.

PUBLISHER: Burlington Books.


PLOT: The book tells the story of two boys (Joey and Kevin). One day of summer they’re making a tent in Joey’s garden. The boys go into the tent, it’sdark in the tent and Kevin tells ghost stories. But Joey has a secret fear. He’s frightened of the dark.

The next day Joey reads the e-mail from his friend Jamie. Jamie is celebrating a party on Saturday night and they are telling ghost stories. Joey must make an excuse to Jamie.

After school Joey discovers that his friend, Kevin, has got a secret fear, too.

Kevin is frightened of high places.

The boys decide to go in the lift but the lift is broken, the doors closed and the light off. Kevin and Joey are talking and to forget the fear and they surpass the fear.

THE CHARACTER I LIKED MOST IS: Jamie, because he hasn’t got a secret fear.

PERSONAL OPINION: It’s a good book but the level is low.

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