martes, 18 de enero de 2011

By Daniel Castellano 2EL





PLOT : Clive, Mary and Brian, their son, are a family who lived in London. One day, Mary
received a letter from her Aunt Sarah’s housekeeper. The letter said that their Aunt Sarah had had an accident with a candle and her house burned.
Because of this the family decided to go to see their Aunt Sarah. She had no money to pay the reforms then the family decided to sell the house.
But one day Clive’s phone disappeared. Brian had gone to check something on the beach, then fell into a hole and saw his father’s phone. Suddenly an elf appeared out of nowhere and told him not to sell the house because his Aunt Sarah did not want. Then he went to a tavern, but the atmosphere was hostile and no one spoke, then one of them said they did not want tourists and they did not want to sell the house. He ran to Brian’s room, opened a secret door and got inside but he dropped a torch and began to smoke. Brian sniffed and quickly went upstairs where he found the secret door and helped his Aunt Sarah. In the hallway there was another door, he opened it and saw many pictures. Clive and Mary quickly smelled smoke and went up, saw the pictures and Clive proposed to sell these pictures and Sarah accepted. They went to see a seller and he paid 30.000 Euro.

Thanks to that Aunt Sarah could pay reforms and remain to live in Kilmarny, as the family was so pleased they decided to stay there to live.

PERSONAL OPINION: I don’t like this book because it’s so boring. The book gives very
importance to the goats and I don’t like this. And always I don’t like the argument of this book because it is absurd.

The character I like most is Brian because he is very adventurous, humble and sensible.

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