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AUTHOR: Robert Louis Stevenson

PUBLISHER: Burlington Books


PLOT: The kidnapped story is about a boy who lives with one of his  parents’ friends because they died. He lives at Queensferry.
David is 17 years old and one day receives a letter that says where his uncle lives. He goes to visit him to a house called the house of Shaws. But his uncle wanted to kill him, because he didn’t want him to get his inherit. The uncle pays a sailor to take David with him to America.
In the ship David knows a gentleman and they become friends. They plan to kill the captain and his sailors, but in the middle of the fight, a wave throws them to the sea and they arrive to the coast. David goes to talk with Alan and he tells him that the English soldiers want to catch them. Someone kills the Campbells and they stand accused, and they have to escape. Alan tells David that he has a friend that can help them and they go to visit him.
David gets ill and he stays in bed for one week, and they go back to Queensferry and they go to visit his family lawyer. Then they talk about David's uncle and they make a plan to get David’s inherit.
They go to the house of Shaws and talk with David's uncle, and he says he will pay his inherit. But he wanted to stay at the house of Shaws and they agree. Then David's friend goes to France and David decides to work as a lawyer.


My favourite character was David.

PERSONAL OPINION: I didn’t follow the story because it was very boring.

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