martes, 21 de diciembre de 2010

By Carlos Silvestre 2EL

Title : Vampire Tales

Author : David Grant

Publisher : Burlington Book
Level : 3º E.S.O

Plot : The book tells three stories about vampires.

• The first was about two men that went to travel together, and one, Anthony, fell in love with a girl who died. Then he promised his friend that he wasn’t going to tell anyone how she had died. When his friend died he used to see him everywhere.
Anthony’s sister was going to get married and his husband was Anthony’s friend, at the end they got married and Anthony went crazy.

• The second is about a boy that lives in a house. In that house there is an evil spirit. First he is afraid of the spirit but at the end he tries to burn the spirit. No one knows if the spirit died or if it got away…

• The last is about a man who doesn’t believe in vampires or in the spirits either. One day he goes to a road where suicides were buried and there he got lost because of the fear that he felt. Once in the forest, he thought that a storm was coming and he tried to hide in a sepulchre. Inside he saw a girl, and then a vampire caught him and tried to kill him but some soldiers saved him. When he recovered he received a letter from Count Dracula where he said that he told the soldiers that the protagonist was under his protection.

The character I liked most : it was without any doubt the vampire that appears in the second story behind the protagonist. I like it because he can’t be reflected in the mirror.

Personal opinion : I liked this book because I have learnt some things about vampires and because I really like the books that tell short stories but very interesting all them and related to a common topic.

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