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The mummy

Title: The Mummy

Title: The Mummy

Author: David Levithan

Publisher: Penguin readers

Level: 2

Characters: Imhotep, O’Conell, Evelyn, Jonathan, Beni, Anck-su-namun.

Setting: In Thebes, Egypt.

Time: 1290, before Christ.

The most important action: “Hello,” said Evelyn. Burns turned around and she screamed. Burns had no eyes. He fell on the ground. Evelyn turned away, but she came face-to-face with Imhotep, Imhotep with Burns’s blue eyes.

The End: Evelyn put her arms around O’Conell and they kissed. Maybe this wasn’t the end. Maybe it was the beginning.

Personal Opinion: It is an entertaining book. Although the reading in general is complicated, I have liked this book because it speaks of an interesting subject. I recommend the students to read this book.

Kevin Alapont, 4 ESO

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