martes, 11 de enero de 2011

By Claudio Fernández, 2 ESO L


* AUTHOR: Julie Hart.


* LEVEL: 2.
* PLOT: The book is about a boy, David Barnes, who finds a pen in an old desk, but it isn't an ordinary pen, it is a magic pen! The pen can write by its own, without any help. In class, David uses the pen, but the pen writes a story, which is about a boy, Jimmy Reed, whose family is very poor; his dad is a miner but now he is very ill. Today is Jimmy’s birthday, his family gives him a paintbrush and a box of paints but his mother had to sale her bracelet to give him the present...
As Jimmy's family is so poor, his dad and his brother Allan had to work as miners, but it is very hard.
In the mine there was an accident with Jimmy's brother and father in; but they are OK. One day, in David's high school Jimmy Reed's grandson appeared and he told to David that the story was true.

* MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER IS Jimmy Reed, BECAUSE he must have suffered because of his family poverty and he was so courageous.

* PERSONAL OPINION: I think that this book is very interesting, because there are two different stories, and Jimmy's story is very sad, but very pretty. But I think the level of the book is low compared with my English level.

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